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Far too many CPA firms are content to work with clients who are large enough to significantly increase their bottom line. They treat all their clients the same, walking through the same steps to accomplish what they assume are the same goals that every company has.

That's not how we do it at Chris Morris CPA. We believe that no client is too small to deserve the help of a seasoned professional. Beyond that, we know that the goals you have for your company are not the same as any other company. Not even the competition.

So we invite you to sit down with us to share your financial goals and dreams. Then, we partner with you to get there, through a combination of unique strategies and custom solutions for you.

This is why we focus our firm on serving small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. We understand the struggle to balance growth with good systems and profitability. We work alongside you to create the best financial future for you and your dreams.

Who Do We Serve?

Because our approach to client service is unique, at Chris Morris CPA we target specific niches. Over the years, we have learned our philosophy aligns best with three distinct client categories. It is within these spheres that we are able to provide the most support, create the best tools, and give our clients freedom from stress.


We assist individuals by completing tax returns and assessing ideal tax strategies to ethically minimize tax liabilities. As a result, our clients often see significant year-over-year tax savings. We know tax strategies and tax preparation are both year-round obligations, so we provide a quarterly check-in for every client.

Small Businesses

Small business owners often have more tasks than daylight, too many responsibilities, and less sleep than they want. Our firm specializes in finding the best tasks for outsourcing, and removes the weight of stress. The key to our success is that we listen to our clients. Instead of pushing a cookie cutter approach, we develop a custom-filled solution.

Creative Entrepreneurs

Many creative entrepreneurs have had unexpected, explosive growth. Although definitely positive, this creates predictable challenges for cash flow and business strategy. We conduct cash leak analyses and strategy sessions so this success is more than a moment, but long-term. We offer advice on business topics ranging from reinvestment strategies to product pricing.


Churches and other not-for-profit organizations have specific needs, ranging from applying for the non-profit status to bookkeeping, and even ensuring audits are managed properly. We provide full-cycle advisory and accounting services to not-for-profits organizations to ensure that they have the support they need to fulfill their vision efficiently.

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What We Do

  • Individual Taxes
  • Bookkeeping
  • General Ledger Cleansing
  • Business Taxes
  • Cash Leak Analysis
  • Financial Statement Review

What Makes Us Different?

We pride ourselves at Chris Morris CPA in getting beyond the numbers. A person's life, an entrepreneur's dream, a small business - none of these are defined by numbers. This is why we focus on the unique characteristics and passions of every client.

Starting the
Partnership Right

Every new client partnership starts with a live conversation - not a questionnaire or a bunch of forms. Without talking face-to-face, we can never learn how to meet your goals. Even though we do believe in technology to support our firm, we always start with a conversation.  


Chris Morris CPA never leaves clients in the dark, or wondering how much is left to bring a project to completion. We commit to an extreme level of responsiveness, whether a client calls, texts, or emails us. It is our standard to reply to everyone in 36 hours. Period.


This is worth repeating. We don't believe one solution fits every situation, so we don't force it. Instead, we rely upon decades of experience to create the perfect solution for every client - one that aligns with the pressures a particular client is feeling.

What Do Our Current Clients Say About Us?

 Award Winning Author & Editor 


Chris Morris is an essential part of my business team. His tax code expertise and sound financial advice provide me with something priceless: peace of mind. With Chris in my corner, I can focus on what I do bestwriting and editing!

 Executive Director of CEN. LLC &

Director of Mount Hermon Christian Writers' Conference


Just when I desperately needed more hours in my day, I met Chris Morris. When he told me what he could do for me, I realized that I could save tons of time and lots of headaches by letting him do what he does best, freeing me to do what I do best. 

I no longer have to try to balance my checkbook every month. I’m actually looking forward to tax season this year because I don’t need to carve out huge chunks of time to gather all my paperwork, plug in numbers, and recalculate whenever I think of something I forgot.

Chris is so easy—and actually fun—to work with! I wish I would have hired him years ago.

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