Who Do We Serve?

Because our approach to client service is unique, at Chris Morris CPA we target specific niches. Over the years, we have learned our philosophy aligns best with two distinct client categories - creative entrepreneurs and chiropractors. It is within these two spheres that we are able to provide the most support, create the best tools, and give our clients freedom from stress.

Creative Entrepreneurs

Many creative entrepreneurs have had unexpected, explosive growth. Although definitely positive, this creates predictable challenges for cash flow and business strategy. We conduct cash leak analyses and strategy sessions so this success is more than a moment, but long-term. We offer advice on business topics ranging from reinvestment strategies to product pricing.


Chiropractors have unique financial and tax needs, based on the combination of self-pay and insurance clients they take, as well as distinct opportunities to take advantage of different tax and business structures throughout the life of their company. We provide customized advice to chiropractors that allows them to maximize their earnings while minimizing unnecessary tax burdens.