Business Formation

Deciding to form a business is a serious decision, and one that must be undertaken with the greatest of care. You can lean on the decades of experience from the experts at Chris Morris CPA to provide you guidance, and more importantly, peace of mind, as you move forward with your dream.

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Business Structure Consulting

Many options exist for a business structure, and the wrong choice can have significant ramifications now and in the future. We can assess your business needs and guide you toward the best choice of business structure for your needs.

Business Establishment Adviser

Understanding the proper steps to establish a business can be complex. Knowing the best way to approach these decisions takes business savvy and entrepreneurial experience. At Chris Morris CPA, we have both, and we can help you navigate these tumultuous waters.

General Ledger Set-up

Crafting a clean and detailed general ledger for a business is vital to effectively tracking the revenues and expenses in a meaningful way. The accountants at Chris Morris CPA have established general ledgers for many organizations. Let us apply our years of operational and financial experience to the development of your general ledger.