Business Services

Our business services exist to allow you as an owner to focus on what you do best – serve your customers and build your business as much as possible. We are willing to partner with you to whatever degree you find most useful by providing the full spectrum of accounting services

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Tax Planning & Filing

We can file your federal, state, and local taxes for your organization, freeing you to focus on running your business. We will apply strategies to minimize your tax liability, while also strengthening the financial status of your business overall.

Bank Reconciliations

With reconciled bank accounts, we can identify lost checks and missing deposits for your business. This service also serves as front-line defense against fraud and embezzlement, and identifies opportunities for more effective cash management.

Income Statement Preparation

The income statement allows you as a business owner to determine the operating performance of your business against a budget. A line-by-line analysis of expenses and revenues will highlight areas of the business that can be improved.

Balance Sheet Preparation

The balance sheet provides a snapshot of your current financial condition. Through analysis of trends in key result areas such as receivables, action items can be developed to increase the health of your operations.

General Ledger Cleansing

A regular review of your general ledger system allows us to hunt down discrepancies such as double billings or unrecorded payments. We will also conduct an analysis of key practices to ensure items are appropriately recorded.

Cash Flow Management

We will develop cash flow projections based on historical cash flows patterns to manage your daily cash and prepare for future needs. We can also provide insight for cash collection acceleration techniques via proven collection practices.