Chris Morris CPA is a firm of chiropractic accountants and financial experts who simplify your practice's finances to help you achieve your goals and build lasting wealth. Using real-time financial data, we help you understand how to save money on taxes, manage expenses, and drive revenue growth.


We manage all aspects of your office's accounting for you. We reconcile all bank accounts and credit cards, pay your bills, and process payroll for you. We provide real-time financial reports. Beyond that, we provide detailed insight into your business that no basic profit & loss statement can provide.


If your CPA is waiting until the end of the year to talk about taxes, then you've missed many opportunities. We approach your firm proactively. We monitor your specific financial situation to provide customized tax minimization strategies so you can build personal wealth.


Too many businesses run in a vacuum, without a sense of how similar firms are comparing. We compare your practice against national and local benchmarks and provide detailed insight into specific opportunities for potential improvement.

Wealth Building

Your went into business for yourself to create wealth for you and your family. We devise specific, actionable steps to help you find and stay on that path, ranging from business structure to retirement planning.