Chris Morris CPA is a firm that has focused its resources on developing a deep understanding of the creative entrepreneur space. We have the privilege of counting photographers, authors, publishing presses, editors, virtual assistants, and bloggers among our clients. In other words, we live and breathe the world of the creative entrepreneur.

Who we Serve


We can answer many questions you might have, no matter how far along the author journey you are. Questions like: How do you know if your writing endeavors are a business or a hobby? What can you write off as business expenses? Does it makes sense to have an LLC or S-Corp?


One of the unique challenges of being an editor is that the expenses to run such a business are fairly minimal, so your tax bill can be unfathomable if you don't plan properly. Let us help you determine how accurate your business taxes are, and if you are compliant with all city and local laws.

Publishing Houses

Publishing houses have a lot of unique challenges, including tracking and paying royalties while maintaining efficient operations. We can help with these challenges through outsourced bookkeeping, interim controllership services or tax advisory.


The biggest challenge for photographers is learning what legitimate business expenses are, because there is an overlap between personal and business, not to mention advertising and providing services. Partner with us to learn the best paths forward.