Chris Morris CPA provides a series of services for our clients. Depending upon your specific needs, we have a number of offerings. We can also create a customized schedule of services to meet your specific needs.

Individual Taxes

We complete individual federal, state, and local taxes within all 50 states. We use a paperless and secure process to simplify and streamline the tax documentation collection process.

But we go beyond tax preparation and develop unique tax strategies. To implement tax strategies, we offer a quarterly connection call to update each client's strategy in light of any financial changes or major life events. As a result, our clients are rarely surprised when tax season comes around.

Business Taxes

Business taxes are daunting, even for the most savvy business owner. Chris Morris CPA completes all business taxes: quarterly and annual income taxes, sales tax, payroll tax, and more.

The tax law changes significantly impact smaller businesses. We have a handle on all the tax code updates and how they affect business owners. This allows us to provide detailed and accurate information to businesses, so that they can take advantage of or prepare for tax season.

Cash Leak Analysis

Cash is king for the small business owner. A delay of 45 days might bankrupt a company, even if this company is otherwise healthy. We understand the importance of cash flow.

We have a six-phase process to identify where your cash is slow. These phases include contract analysis, financial tools assessments, budgeting processes, and payment terms. Once we have identified your cask leaks, we work with you to develop a customized solution

General Ledger Cleansing

As your business grows, so does your need for more detailed financial reporting. As a result, your general ledger grows over time. An unintentional outcome of these changes can be a messy ledger.

General ledger cleansing is a detailed analysis of all transactions in order to find accounts in the ledger that are duplicative or unclear, and to uncover expenses that should be recorded separately. The end result is a proposal for a cleaner general ledger, resulting in better financial reporting.

7 Beliefs About
Small Business

These core beliefs serve as a guide to the way we work alongside small businesses, the decisions we make, and the guidance we provide.

  • For the small business, materiality is irrelevant, because every penny matters.
  • Every transaction should have a category (no misc. expense category).
  • Every transaction needs to have supporting documentation to confirm its legitimacy.
  • Any unreconciled items must be investigated and explained promptly.

  • Books should only be closed when no prior period adjustments are necessary, but need to be finalized each month, each quarter, and each year.
  • Our value is accurate accounting matched with sound strategic planning and cash management advice backed up by the numbers.
  • We will never compromise our ethics. We will never break the law. We will never knowingly participate in any fraudulent activity.


As a business grows, it's necessary to make decisions about outsourcing. Bookkeeping is one service we provide, so you can worry about running the business. Our bookkeeping includes payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial statement preparation. We use a variety of online tools that maximize the automation and provide access to snapshot reports at a moment's notice.

Financial Statement Review

It makes good business sense to have an review of your financial statements every two to three years. While not at the level of a full audit, a financial review does provide assurance that your financial transactions are aligned with generally accepted accounting practices. The end product of a financial review is a letter stating an overall status of your accounting and suggestions for improvement.