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As a CPA, of course I can do your taxes for you. But, I can also help you at every stage of your business. Some questions apply to any creative entrepreneur. 

  • If you are a self-published author or not published yet, then I can help you determine if your writing is a business or a hobby.
  • If you are a traditionally published author, I can assess your royalty payments to ensure that you are meeting your tax obligations.
  • If you are a publisher, then I can manage your cashflows, calculate your royalties, or create a tax strategy for your business.
  • If you are an editor, then I can do a compliance review to make sure that all your state and local business taxes are properly paid.

Common Questions I Answer for Different Client Types

Self Published or Pre-Published Author

How do you know if your writing endeavors are a business or a hobby? What can you write off as business expenses?

Traditionally Published Author

How helpfully are your royalties being managed from a tax perspective? Does it makes sense to have an LLC or S-Corp?

Independent or Major Publishers

Are you ready to save time with royalties by outsourcing? Do you want to maximize your cash flows for your business?

Freelance Editors or Editing Companies

How accurate are your business taxes? Are you compliant with all city and local laws for small businesses?

What My Clients Say


Chris Morris is an essential part of my business team. His tax code expertise and sound financial advice provide me with something​​​​ priceless: peace of mind. With Chris in my corner, I can focus on what I do best - writing and editing!

Author, Adored and 

The Story Peddler


Just when I desperately needed more hours in my day, I met Chris Morris. When he told me what he could do for me, I realized that I could save tons of time and lots of headaches by letting him do what he does best, freeing me to do what I do best.

I no longer have to try to balance my checkbook every month—hallelujah! And I’m actually looking forward to tax season this year because I don’t need to carve out huge chunks of time to gather all my paperwork, plug in numbers, and recalculate whenever I think of something I forgot.

Editor, Director of Mount Hermon Christian Writers' Conference 

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