About Our Founder

This firm is built upon the passion, dedication and unique perspective of its founder, Chris Morris. He built this CPA firm around serving the needs of the creative entrepreneur. He has the privilege of calling authors, bloggers, magazines, editors, major and boutique publishing houses, digital designers, and photographers his clients. In other words, he lives and breathes the business world of the creative entrepreneur.

Chris has worked in accounting and finance for two decades, within the healthcare industry and as a consultant across multiple industries. Over the past five years he has focused on building this firm and serving his hand-picked clients. He has developed niche expertise for creative entrepreneurs and specifically authors, which now represent more than 65% of his clients.

He has also written the book Oh Snap! I’m Making Money, Now What? A Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Taxes & Accounting for a Growing Business.

This book tackles the questions creative entrepreneurs will have as their business begins to bring in revenue, and provides a go-to resource in easy question-and-answer format. The best part: all this is accomplished this while staying interesting enough to read.

Topics covered range from the preferred form of business structure to what software tools are best for your specific business. 

Chris Morris makes an effort to bring the often confusing world of accounting and taxes into everyday language, rather than hiding behind the idea of being the smartest person in the room.